Rabu, 16 April 2014

Evidence of Apple's Open Work Jobs in Indonesia

 Rumors say Apple will open an office in Indonesia has spread since mid-2012. They have opened a number of jobs to be placed in Jakarta, and this time they re-open more jobs.

As quoted from the blog MakeMac.com technology, Apple-publish job advertisements for seven positions in Jakarta through professional social network LinkedIn.
There are also job advertisements published on 4 April 2014 Apple, which is to position your iPhone / iPad Regional Sales Manager (iRSM) Indonesia.
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Signs Apple will open an office in Indonesia has been characterized by the formation of a Limited Liability Company (PT) Apple Indonesia in 2013 ago. PT Indonesian Apple has made the "Terms and Conditions of Purchase Orders" in English and Indonesian. The document regulates the purchase of goods and services by Apple to the seller.

Previously, reliable sources told the KompasTekno that Apple representative for the Asia Pacific region often visited Indonesia to take care of Apple's business here.

Apple's first open business opportunities in Indonesia on December 4, 2012 by opening the iTunes Store, an online store for digital content. With Apple account ID Indonesian region, iTunes Store users can purchase digital content life currency.


Linda Gumelar: Biological Sciences Provide Early Childhood

Minister for Women Empowerment and Child Protection Linda Gumelar , suggested that education on reproductive health has been given to children at an early age .

Knowledge about reproductive health is useful to prevent a similar incident with a sexual harassment case in AK , in the future . " Children have to be given knowledge of age-appropriate reproductive health , " said Linda Kompas.com when met at his office , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

According to Linda , how to teach young children about the biological , should be started from the difference between the sexes . So that children can distinguish between men and women . Knowledge such as this , can be taught by parents in children with simple language .

Educate children about genitals and sex , does not mean exposing them to pornographic stuff , as long as the method of delivery and terms used packaged by the rules and the age of the child . According to Linda , the effort is intended that the children can keep themselves against things that are not desirable .

" Child restraint with strangers , he ( the child ) can fight . Children can be taught to react , " said Linda .

Furthermore , Linda said that parents abroad is considered more protective . In addition , the provision of child protection in other countries are also more firmly than in Indonesia .

One staff member Linda gave an example , in one country , there was one little boy who was photographed with his mother . Then , the child's parents feel that interfere with the actions of their children . Then , the parents complain to the people who perpetuate the image of his son .

Therefore , Linda recommends that regulations for the protection of children in Indonesia should be enforced !

Previously reported , AK , JIS kindergarten student , was sexually abused by two janitors in the school toilet . AK was afraid to go to the toilet as often held captive by the actors , and then perform immoral acts .
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Due to this , AK diagnosed with herpes virus . In addition , AK trauma to the often delirious because it keeps remembering bad events that befall it . Both perpetrators of sexual abuse in kindergarten JIS are two employees hired by PT ISS


MH370 may kelabui radar Indonesia

A source in the government said the plane Malaysia Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 trying to fly in the airspace of Indonesia to evade radar, Sydney Morning Herald reported today.

Malaysian officials who asked not to be named because he is not entitled to speak to the media said that the Indonesian authorities have confirmed that the plane was not visible on radar Indonesian military.

"This aircraft may accidentally fly around the airspace of Indonesia to avoid detection (radar) or it may even happen to fly beyond the range of the radar," the source was quoted as saying by Sydney Morning Herald.
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The disclosure comes amid efforts seekers in the hunt for the missing jet in the southern Indian Ocean with ascertain whether the acoustic signals from the ocean recently detected coming from the black box MH370 whose batteries will soon run out.

Australian online sites news.com.au today announces that it is now possible to be a breakthrough in the search for the best Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 .

This belief is based on the findings of two black box flight ping signals at the same point where the last signal trace authorities MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean .

" An unexplained signals emitted by Malaysia Airlines plane lost it traceable to the same point in the Indian Ocean where the authorities believe they have found the airplane , could be revealed , " writes British newspaper The Telegraph .

This point , called The Telegraph , believed to be the point of a "handshake " or the last satellite contact the aircraft that might be the moment where the plane was out of fuel and then crashed into the Indian Ocean .

The authorities themselves say was very close to finding MH370 after detecting more than two hours of underwater signals corresponding to the analyzed site two weeks before the last contact point of the plane .

Yesterday , the head of mission MH370 Angus Houston said the Australian ship Ocean Shield found two acoustic signals are likely to come from an aircraft black box .


Minggu, 13 April 2014

Yesterday day, Suspected Boko Haram Militants Kill 60 People in Negaria

Boko Haram Islamist militants on Sunday ( 13/04/2014 ) , is alleged to have killed at least 60 people in the state of Borno in Nigeria 's restive northeast near the border with Cameroon , said a local official .

" The attackers , which is undoubtedly an insurgent Boko Haram , attacked Amchaka and surrounding villages this morning . They threw IEDs ( improvised explosive devices ) to the houses and make the houses on fire , " said Baba Shehu Gulumba , a government administrator in the District of Bama , the AFP news agency .

" They then spit fire , shooting at residents of confusion when trying to escape , killing 60 people and wounding several others , " said Gulumba by telephone from Maiduguri , the state capital .

The attackers stormed Amchaka and neighboring villages in Bama by using a number of trucks , motorcycles and two armored vehicles . They opened fire on residents and burning homes , said Gulumba .

Other local sources confirmed the attack but did not give a death toll .

The attackers damaging the wellbore , the only source of water for the villagers , added Gulumba .

The attack has prompted a mass exodus of people from villages in the area .

Across the border in northern Cameroon , Cameroon security forces killed three suspected Boko Haram militants in the town Amchide , said a security source in there . Military reinforcements were in the area because of the armed group Boko Haram opened fire on a police station in the city Sunday morning and injured two officers .

Dozens of people have been killed in recent days in Borno state , local lawmakers said . Fearing attack , approximately 400 students in the state have boycotted the university entrance exam on Saturday .

The military declared a state of emergency in May in northern Nigeria and launched a major offensive to quell the Boko Haram insurgency , which has lasted for five years and claimed thousands of lives .

The rebels say they are fighting to create a strict Islamic state in northern Nigeria .

Violence in the region , which includes the Adamawa and Yobe and Borno , around 1,500 people have been killed just this year alone .

Boko Haram , which means " Western education is sin " in the Hausa language , has attacked isolated villages , schools and churches as well as military headquarters . The conflict has forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee to other states in Nigeria and to neighboring countries .

The United States has declared the leader of Boko Haram , Abubakar Shekau , as a " global terrorist " and has offered a reward of $ 7 million for Shekau head .
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Public secondary schools in Borno state last month closed indefinitely after a deadly attack . The closure affects 85 secondary schools , which serve about 120,000 students . At the end of February , 43 students were shot and hacked to death when gunmen suspected Boko Haram group stormed from the Federal Government College in Buni Yadi , in Yobe state .


Kamis, 10 April 2014

John Chen: There Will BlackBerry Sale

WATERLOO - BlackBerry CEO , John Chen , corrected his words saying he would sell the company if the company's handset division continuously loss-making . Chen said that he would not sell the handset division in the near future .

BlackBerry bosses bleed the Chinese writing clarification statement in the official BlackBerry blog , Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) , when Canada . Chen confirmed that he was still trying to focus on profit from selling phones .

" I want to assure you that I have no intention to sell or abandon this business ( handset division ) in the near future . I know you still love BlackBerr devices . I also love it , and I know the BlackBerry device is the foundation of this company , " he wrote in BlackBerry 's official blog .
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Chen purpose now is to find as much profit from the sale of mobile phones . Although the company says will not sell the phone in the near future , Chen insists on its businesses in other fields . Chen underline other business such as office services , messaging , software . He also added , BlackBerry began to enter into the realm of Machine to Machine technology business .

Chen also did a lot of improvisation on the messaging application BlackBerry Messenger ( BBM ) cross- platform by presenting a variety of new features . This was done by Chen to raise the price of fuel to be sold later when .

As known earlier , John Chen said the company will sell the handset division continues to experience a loss if the sale . Chen said the sale of the handset division is a matter of urgency .


Gerindra Open Door Coalition, What Words PDIP?

Indonesia Movement Party ready to open up the possibility of a coalition with the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) in the face of the presidential election of 2014. Chairman of the Central Executive Board ( DPP ) PDI - P Effendi Simbolon said his party opens up the possibility with all political parties , especially the party is unidirectional ideologically .

" We do not want also that baseball is definitely the kind of ' sex .' We want a clear constitution and its implementation in the parliament , " he said , Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) in Jakarta .

Effendi emphasizes the importance of political communication as an elegant way to form a coalition . He also insinuated the ways of communication that are judged Gerindra do not manly .

" The important thing is communication . Nah days of talking on Twitter . We need to educate the public , " said Effendi .

Associated with the mechanism of the coalition , he said , Chairman Megawati PDI - P will not do an assessment directly . Which will communicate with the other party is the Secretary General of the PDI - P Tjahjo Kumolo and Chairman of winning elections ( Bappilu ) PDI - P Puan Maharani .

" Not only the coalition . In parliament , they also make compromises . Indeed, not merely a decision , which is an important communication , " said a member of the House of Representatives .
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PDI-P and Gerindra the top three in the electoral legislative fast count by a number of survey institutes . Both had been appointed presidential candidates respectively . Both had coalesced in the 2009 elections .


Rabu, 09 April 2014

Figures Press Violence Child, Kak Seto's Advice

INCREASED cases of violence and abuse against minors make Seto Mulyadi as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Commission for Child Protection furious . Male 62 years old who is familiarly called Kak Seto has the best solution so that children are not always the victims of violence and adult emotions . What is it ?

" There should be a national movement to protect the rights of children . Formerly President Suharto launched the Child Protection Act , and established the National Commission for Child Protection . That alone is not enough , there must be a movement of the middle to lower , such as RT and RW intervene if there is a child being abused by her parents reported immediately , without delay . Do not jump to the National Commission , it's too far away , from RT and RW can be fast-acting , so that the children feel protected his soul , " he told Okezone at his residence in Jakarta , recently.
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Kak Seto added that in any RT or RW should have a child protection task force . According to him , not just the house that must be maintained , but children must be protected from its shelter .

Although it is difficult to do so , Kak Seto optimistic with what he had dreamed that gradually people will be aware of and protect their children from acts of cruelty .

" Establish a task force of children in each RT or RW . Do not just home alone no security guard to protect from theft , in the environment must be aware of the protection and rights of children , " he said .

This friendly man also suggest to all parents in order to protect their children , and to give love in their entirety for the sake of mental and physical development of children.

" But do not rely solely on the task force task force - alone , parents should also be able to appreciate the respect of children, so that he grows into a strong child , both psychologically and physically , " he concluded