Selasa, 22 April 2014

Electric Cars Taxi So Tough on China

Qicheng Guangzhou taxi company Taxi Company Limited , being the first to enjoy Venucia e30 or the Nissan Leaf , as a cab since September 2013 . During use , this electric car turns out to have a myriad of advantages than the conventional engined vehicle .

Cao Qingshan , Managing Director of Guangzhou Qicheng Taxi Company Limited , said , the main advantages offered by electric cars are cheaper operating costs . In contrast to a conventional car , every 5,000 miles required to make the turn component uses " fast moving " like filters , oil , and so forth .

" Because of this electric car , the only practical examinations just do . When estimated, the treatment cost only a quarter of the cost of care is needed for Teana , " said Cao , Guangzhou , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) .

For electricity consumption , power required is much cheaper than petrol . Cao pointed out , using petrol -engined car capacity of 1.6-2.0 liters , 10 liters it took to run 100 miles . Meanwhile , e30 consume 15 kWh of electricity , if converted in price , together with 2 liters of gasoline in China , to run the same distance .

" The price of petrol per liter is 8 yuan ($ 14,800 ) , while the price of electricity per kWh was only 1 yuan ( Rp.1800 ) . So the comparison can already be seen , " Said Cao .

For recharging power ( charging) the battery there are two ways you can do . First with a normal charger ( NC ) and the fast charger ( QC ) . When using the model quickly , it took 30 minutes from empty to fully position with the distance of 100 km . While using the NC takes 7-8 hours from zero to full distance of 120 km .
" We only operate during the day , so at night we recharge the batteries in snooker . Practically charging the NC only takes 5-6 hours , because the car did not come in the condition of the battery is completely flat , " Said Cao .
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Although it offers a different sensation with electric cars , metered taxis Taxi Qicheng remains the same as other companies . Currently the total population of the taxi that operates in Guangzhou reached 21,000 units , meaning that the population is still very little electric cars . " We have no plan would add to the car again in the future , " added Cao .


Senin, 21 April 2014

Ministry of Industry: Foxconn Ask The rent Almost Free

Investment plans smart phone component manufacturer Foxconn is still raw , determined to hire because Nusantara Bonded Zone ( KBN ) with the Indonesian government assessed price is very cheap .

Director General of High Technology-Based Industries ( IUBTT ) , Ministry of Industry , Budi senior official explained , Foxconn constraints about 200 acres of land demand is difficult obeyed the Indonesian government .

" The rent is almost free , LHA really cheap . Him ( Foxconn ) in China can free land . 's Why here also want free , " said Budi found in the Office of the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs , Field Bateng , Jakarta , Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) .

Although it has been met with a number of local partners , such as Modern Land , Erajaya , and KBN , Foxconn has not yet made ​​up my mind to build mobile components factory in Indonesia . Because the light Budi , Foxconn wants land located close to the airport of Jakarta .

" They want the deket from Jakarta airport , because nerbangin aircraft components wear , not wear ship , " said Budi .

Budi also said , in fact the government had offered land in the city that are cheaper buffer . However , the Foxconn refused . " Tangerang we offer but there is not a deal . Maybe ( Foxconn ) too picky ones," said Budi .

Although Foxconn plans have not been realized , Budi optimistic , import of mobile phones can be reduced . Because now there are 5 mobile phone manufacturer who is conducting a market test . They are Toshiba , Polytron , Evercoss , Hier , and SmartFren .
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Budi said , they produce smart phones for lower middle class segment , to meet the needs of the domestic market . Budi added , test for 3 to 6 months , and each producing about 50,000 to 100,000 units of the smart phone . The Toshiba to build a factory in Jakarta , in the Holy Polytron , Evercoss in Semarang , and SmartFren in Serpong . " Hier also build factories , I forget the place , " he said .


This step RI Reduce Victims Asylum Seekers at Sea

Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa explained the steps to minimize the loss of life at sea of asylum seekers who attempt to cross the continent of Australia .

Speaking at the opening of an international workshop entitled " Protection Irregular Movement Persons at Sea " at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday, April 21, 2014 , Marty said that the first step to minimize the loss of life is improving SAR operations .
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" The first step , we all need to identify ways of improving the capacity of SAR operations in order to avoid loss of life at sea more . Secondly , we must all help to improve migration management system oriented protection , " said Marty .

It was , he added , can help support the efforts of various countries in order to reduce the possibility of loss of life at sea . " Third , all countries should mobilize their resources for the efficient management of migration and protection of victims of human trafficking , " he said .

Marty said that the problem of human trafficking requires a comprehensive approach that is both at the national , regional , and global . This workshop can also be used as a platform to share responsibility so that it can be used as the basis for the cooperation of all the participating countries at regional and international levels .

The workshop was attended by 63 delegates from 16 countries and three international organizations . If the events of 2013 , a delegation from Iran is not present , then this year they meet invitations RI .

Hundreds of asylum seekers killed in Australia

According to Marty , the countries in attendance is a source, transit and destination for human smugglers . However , he refused when the sentence was delivered at the opening of the workshop , geared specifically to Australia .

Therefore , the Australian Government introduced policies actually even push the boat back to Indonesian waters unilaterally .

" The statement ( all countries must prioritize the protection of the pillars of human trafficking victims ) , not directly geared to the Australians . Sentence is addressed to all of us and this workshop participating countries . We do not need to involve a political element in this case , " said Marty .

According to data from the Australian news website , SBS , between 2000 and 2007 , as many as 746 asylum seekers were reported killed . A total of 363 asylum seekers dying in the middle of sail to the land of kangaroos using boats and 350 people presumed dead as still missing at sea .

While 22 others died in a detention camp and 11 others were killed when the center returned to Afghanistan . Those who returned to the country of origin , reportedly died as a result of murdered and rumored to be a spy for Australia .

The mortality rate of asylum seekers is increasing according to the SBS in the period between 2008 and July 2013 . Currently , as many as 877 asylum seekers were reported killed , in which 15 of them were killed in detention camps .

So that , when reduced by the number of asylum seekers who died in a detention camp , as many as 862 of them died while sailing to the land of kangaroos . ( eh )


Jumat, 18 April 2014

Prabowo and Mahfud MD Can Overlapping

Prabowo and Mahfud MD is seen as a vice - presidential spouse to be able to complement each other .

This was disclosed Caregiver Pondok Pesantren Al - Barokah , Dharmas Kingdom West Sumatra , KH Chozin Adnan . According to him , mate Prabowo - MMD will complement each other in the future to fix the nation's problems .

" Prabowo has the ability to maintain national political stability and durability Homeland. With Prabowo lead this nation , at least be able to improve the image of Indonesia in the eyes of neighboring countries which often underestimate us , " said Chozin , Saturday ( 19/4 ) .

While Mahfud , further Chozin , persuaded by his ability in the field of law enforcement is able to alleviate the problems that are still weak even declining.
" Especially in the case of the issue of rampant corruption , " he said .

He believes , gait Mahfud for a judge of the Constitutional Court has been tested as the law enforcement net .

" Integrity has no doubt Mahfud was , besides firmly he never dragged legal cases , especially cases of corruption .
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So , he would not have the burden to resolve the problem of law enforcement in Indonesia . "


Rabu, 16 April 2014

Evidence of Apple's Open Work Jobs in Indonesia

 Rumors say Apple will open an office in Indonesia has spread since mid-2012. They have opened a number of jobs to be placed in Jakarta, and this time they re-open more jobs.

As quoted from the blog technology, Apple-publish job advertisements for seven positions in Jakarta through professional social network LinkedIn.
There are also job advertisements published on 4 April 2014 Apple, which is to position your iPhone / iPad Regional Sales Manager (iRSM) Indonesia.
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Signs Apple will open an office in Indonesia has been characterized by the formation of a Limited Liability Company (PT) Apple Indonesia in 2013 ago. PT Indonesian Apple has made the "Terms and Conditions of Purchase Orders" in English and Indonesian. The document regulates the purchase of goods and services by Apple to the seller.

Previously, reliable sources told the KompasTekno that Apple representative for the Asia Pacific region often visited Indonesia to take care of Apple's business here.

Apple's first open business opportunities in Indonesia on December 4, 2012 by opening the iTunes Store, an online store for digital content. With Apple account ID Indonesian region, iTunes Store users can purchase digital content life currency.


Linda Gumelar: Biological Sciences Provide Early Childhood

Minister for Women Empowerment and Child Protection Linda Gumelar , suggested that education on reproductive health has been given to children at an early age .

Knowledge about reproductive health is useful to prevent a similar incident with a sexual harassment case in AK , in the future . " Children have to be given knowledge of age-appropriate reproductive health , " said Linda when met at his office , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

According to Linda , how to teach young children about the biological , should be started from the difference between the sexes . So that children can distinguish between men and women . Knowledge such as this , can be taught by parents in children with simple language .

Educate children about genitals and sex , does not mean exposing them to pornographic stuff , as long as the method of delivery and terms used packaged by the rules and the age of the child . According to Linda , the effort is intended that the children can keep themselves against things that are not desirable .

" Child restraint with strangers , he ( the child ) can fight . Children can be taught to react , " said Linda .

Furthermore , Linda said that parents abroad is considered more protective . In addition , the provision of child protection in other countries are also more firmly than in Indonesia .

One staff member Linda gave an example , in one country , there was one little boy who was photographed with his mother . Then , the child's parents feel that interfere with the actions of their children . Then , the parents complain to the people who perpetuate the image of his son .

Therefore , Linda recommends that regulations for the protection of children in Indonesia should be enforced !

Previously reported , AK , JIS kindergarten student , was sexually abused by two janitors in the school toilet . AK was afraid to go to the toilet as often held captive by the actors , and then perform immoral acts .
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Due to this , AK diagnosed with herpes virus . In addition , AK trauma to the often delirious because it keeps remembering bad events that befall it . Both perpetrators of sexual abuse in kindergarten JIS are two employees hired by PT ISS


MH370 may kelabui radar Indonesia

A source in the government said the plane Malaysia Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 trying to fly in the airspace of Indonesia to evade radar, Sydney Morning Herald reported today.

Malaysian officials who asked not to be named because he is not entitled to speak to the media said that the Indonesian authorities have confirmed that the plane was not visible on radar Indonesian military.

"This aircraft may accidentally fly around the airspace of Indonesia to avoid detection (radar) or it may even happen to fly beyond the range of the radar," the source was quoted as saying by Sydney Morning Herald.
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The disclosure comes amid efforts seekers in the hunt for the missing jet in the southern Indian Ocean with ascertain whether the acoustic signals from the ocean recently detected coming from the black box MH370 whose batteries will soon run out.

Australian online sites today announces that it is now possible to be a breakthrough in the search for the best Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 .

This belief is based on the findings of two black box flight ping signals at the same point where the last signal trace authorities MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean .

" An unexplained signals emitted by Malaysia Airlines plane lost it traceable to the same point in the Indian Ocean where the authorities believe they have found the airplane , could be revealed , " writes British newspaper The Telegraph .

This point , called The Telegraph , believed to be the point of a "handshake " or the last satellite contact the aircraft that might be the moment where the plane was out of fuel and then crashed into the Indian Ocean .

The authorities themselves say was very close to finding MH370 after detecting more than two hours of underwater signals corresponding to the analyzed site two weeks before the last contact point of the plane .

Yesterday , the head of mission MH370 Angus Houston said the Australian ship Ocean Shield found two acoustic signals are likely to come from an aircraft black box .